POPAI has launched the first online, self-paced Shopper Marketing course in Australia, in a move set to provide easy access to shopper marketing understanding for all.

The course, designed and developed exclusively for POPAI, is spread over five modules that provide all the fundamentals required to understand and apply shopper marketing in real settings.

The initiative is part of POPAI’s broader remit to educate all of industry, and be the ‘go to’ point and knowledge base for shopper marketing in Australia, according to POPAI general manager Karen Spear.

“By delivering shopper marketing education in a flexible way, we’re providing the opportunity for people to take advantage of our resources in a way that suits them,” she said.

“Now, we have introductory, intermediate and advanced shopper marketing training options in various formats, both face-to-face and online, so that people can choose how, when and what they want to learn, according to their level of experience and available time.”

Online Shopper Marketing Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to the discipline, including modules covering:

  1. Definitions   
  2. Retail Objectives   
  3. Point of Purchase Drivers   
  4. Path to Purchase
  5. Shopper Behavior

“This course is the perfect platform for anyone wanting to get themselves up to speed with shopper marketing and not get left behind. The industry has moved beyond traditional category management and consumer marketing, and shopper marketing has become the platform for marketing at retail now,” Spear said.