Leading beauty company, L’Oréal will implement Manhattan Associates’ Active Warehouse Management SaaS-based solution to improve agility through the digitalisation, efficiency, and productivity of its distribution centres.

The first implementation is scheduled to launch by mid-2021 with worldwide deployment across distribution centres expected by the end of 2023.

Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is the world’s first cloud-native enterprise-class warehouse management system capable of unifying every aspect of distribution without the need for upgrading. Crafted entirely from microservices, this latest offering in the company’s suite of cloud-based Manhattan Active Solutions ushers in a new level of speed, adaptability, and ease of use within L’Oréal’s distribution centres.

L’Oréal group supply chain director, Francisco Garcia Fornaro said, “L’Oréals’ global network of fulfilment centres play a significant role in making sure the right products reach consumers at the right time, with as little impact on the environment as possible.”

Manhattan Associates senior vice president EMEA, Henri Seroux added: “We are very excited to have passed the rigorous global selection process and to be able to bring the innovation, scalability and agility of our cloud-native Manhattan Active Warehouse Management solution to L’Oréals’ global supply chain network.

“The planned worldwide roll out will start with Europe, and subsequently, with the Manhattan services team delivering the full-scale implementation, we will begin to showcase these end-to-end capabilities to lead other global brands like L’Oréal across the globe.”