By Aimee Chanthadavong

Online shopping and catalogue aggregation website Lasoo and bargain-finding site OzBargain have partnered up to strengthen their offerings to consumers.

Lasoo’s website will include a ‘Share with OzBargain’ button, giving users the ability to share the deals they find on Lasoo with OzBargain’s online community of shoppers.

Speaking about the partnership, Dominic Finnegan, Lasoo executive general manager, the partnership goes to show the catalogue channel continues to be a proven media to drive sales cost-effecitvely.

“Consumers are still very interested in finding out what is on sale and catalogues provide one of the most effective means for discovering what is new, seasonal and available locally,” he said.

“Consumers wanting to access catalogue content when and where they want it, combined with the growth of retailers’ own digital audiences, has led to a real appetite for retailers to increasingly looking for solutions that allow them to leverage the distribution of their physical catalogue content into digital channels

“It’s early days, but the geo-location capabilities of mobile are starting to be used by the more sophisticated retailers to deliver more contextually relevant catalogue offers to these devices.

“Digital distribution of catalogue content being widely adopted by retailers, to complement their physical catalogues, because of the additional sales that e-commerce integration provides.  One example is the ‘Buy Now’ links on Lasoo that many of our clients are increasingly adding to their digital catalogue content.  Taken together with the sales driven in-store by physical catalogues, this increases the ROI of the catalogue channel and makes it more effective relative to other marketing channels.”

Lasoo will add the ‘Share with OzBargain’ button in the future to enable shoppers to share their crowdsourced deals from their smartphone. This will be in addition to their recently revamped app that now enable users to scan, shop, share and compare deals across multiple retailers.

“The OzBargain sharing functionality on Lasoo will allow users to easily add the deals from catalogues and fits perfectly with our mantra of having all best deals shared by our community in real-time,” Scott Yang, ozBargain founder, said.