Australian consumers are already benefiting from unit pricing at the country’s largest supermarkets said the Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA) after the Federal Government’s unit pricing Code of Conduct came into effect yesterday. Retailers have until 1 December 2009 to display unit pricing on food based grocery items.
“Thousands of every day grocery items across the country’s largest supermarkets already display unit prices,” said ANRA CEO Margy Osmond.
“Franklins has completely rolled out unit pricing across its 82 stores. Both Coles and Woolworths already display unit prices on thousands of everyday grocery items.
“The major supermarkets all support accurate and transparent pricing to help their customers make informed choices.”
Aldi has always been a strong advocate for the concept of unit pricing and firmly believes in the value it will bring to the Australian consumer’s shopping experience.
Matthew Barnes, managing director buying for Aldi Stores commended the Federal Government on the delivery of the final code.
“We have no doubt unit pricing has an important role to play, bringing enhanced transparency and competitiveness to the Australian retail sector,” he said.
“The code will ensure consistency across different retailers whilst being an accurate indicator for consumers on competitive pricing.”
The code applies to supermarkets over 1000 square metres in size, however, smaller retailers can ‘opt-in’. The code will cover advertising as well as online food sales.
“We are pleased the Federal Government consulted widely and produced a practical national code,” said Osmond.
“While price is an important consideration for consumers, other factors like convenience, trading hours, and food quality also are important factors that influence shopping decisions,” said Osmond.