Young Aussie brand, SumoSalad, one of Australia’s most popular takeaway outlets, has finally crossed the ocean to New Zealand with a new store opening in Auckland Airport last week.

From just one store in Sydney, SumoSalad currently has over 70 stores trading throughout Australia plus five international stores in Dubai and the UK. New Zealand is now the next country to get a taste of SumoSalad and help kick-start Kiwis into improving their diets.

“SumoSalad is all about living and eating well which we strongly believe in,” said Luke Baylis, managing director of SumoSalad.

“We believe in promoting healthy eating within the community in a fast food format, which these days suits the busy lifestyles of people who need something quick and easy, without compromising on quality and nutritious value.”

The new Auckland SumoSalad store opened last Thursday on 4 December 2008 and is located at Auckland Domestic Airport, George Bolt Drive, Manukau.