By Patrick Avenell

Kensington, a leading player in the technology accessories market, is currently in talks with several retailers to stock a wide range of new products for notebooks, mobile phones and media players.

The brand, which is the technology division of ACCO Brands, is best known locally for its range of security locks for notebook computers. The Australian office is now looking to expand aggressively into the technology retail marketplace with accessories including dedicated netbook mouses and cases, portable power suppliers for mobile phones and media players, and hardware bundle packs to enhance user experience.

Kensington product manager Sam Goldstein said that the brand’s lock products were compliant with “99 per cent” of note- and netbooks available in Australia, both PC and Mac, and that a strong relationship with Apple is at the root of its iPhone and iPod accessories.

As for which retailers Kensington is currently in talks with, Goldstein could give specific details, though he did say he was looking to have Kensington products on sale in dedicated technology stores and in the mass market space.

“With our netbook accessories, we are broadening the appeal of our product range to retailers,” he said.

“Over the rest of 2009 we aim to with new and existing retail partners to grow our presence in this space.”