Bing Lee’s new flagship store, new head office and warehouse – dubbed Ken’s Shed in memory of company co-founder Ken Lee who passed away in December 2007 – are set to open in August this year in Villawood.
Located on the corner of Woodville Road and Fairfield Street, the site is over three times the size of an average football field and upon completion will incorporate an 8700sqm purpose built warehouse, 3000sqm flagship retail outlet including a clearance store and ducted air-conditioning outlet and a 3000sqm head office.

“The newly constructed warehouse will be 50 per cent larger than our existing storage space allowing us the opportunity to hold larger amounts of stock improving our supply of bulky goods to the growing number of outlets in NSW and the ACT,” said Bing Lee general manager Phil Moujaes.

“Our new facilities mean we are able to improve the business through increased monitoring of stock levels and availability, greater support for all stores and improving on our customer delivery processes.”

Bing Lee operations manager Peter Braithwaite said the planning and input behind the development of the new facilities was the vision of Ken.

“It is sad that he isn’t with us to see the project’s progress and completion, but it is through the new facilities that his legacy remains.”

Moujaes agreed that this was an important landmark for the privately owned electrical retailer.
“This is yet another sign of Bing Lee’s continued success and growth as we head into 2008 and a new era following the passing of co-founder and Chairman Ken Lee,” he said.

Bing Lee’s Fairfield outlet, which currently also houses the company’s head office, is said to remain open despite the relocation.