By Rachael Gavin

Australia’s largest Japanese concept store, Japan City, will open its flagship department store at Westfield Chatswood.
Since it began as a small Japanese gift shop in 2001, the brand now has five locations with selected stores offering a dining experience.
Japan City stocks homewares and gifts including kimono fabric accessories, bento boxes, Japanese incense and the most diverse range of chopsticks in the world.
Spokesperson Abby Ho says Chatswood was chosen for the flagship store because its customer base is the most appropriate match to its image.
“Chatswood was chosen because Japan City was attracted by its rich cultural combination,” she says. “This suburb is known as the centre of Asian culture, Australians are used to coming to Chatswood to look for Asian products.
“Besides local community, Chatswood itself attracts many Asian communities to live in such as people from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and China. These communities have a very high acceptance to Japanese culture and they embrace the existence of Japanese culture a lot.
“Moreover, buying power of people from the north is inevitable. Research shows that people living around Chatswood have higher than average household income.”
From February the 1,300 square metre store will also feature a dining experience to actively support customers appreciation of Japanese lifestyle and culture.
Ho believes Japan City provides a unique shopping experience for consumers.
“There is no other store like Japan City that provides comprehensive Japanese style products. For example, we feature the most diverse range of chopsticks in the world and a full range of sake,” she explains.
“Our ambience in store is uniquely built through carefully selected material and sophisticated product display. Our friendly store assistants are specially trained to arrange all displays. All these environmental cues strengthen the brand image and value of Japan City.
“Japan City is dedicated to deliver real taste of Japan and showcase its traditional elegance and aesthetic to Australia.”

This article first appeared on Gift Guide