By Aimee Chanthadavong

Perseverance to succeed has been the main reason why Fountain Cosmetics manager director Natalie Sleiman continues to see her 12-year-old business grow in the increasingly competitive cosmetic and beauty retail industry.

Fountain Cosmetics is an Australian-based manufacturing company that produces locally made anti-aging cosmetics — including its unique neuro range that offers technology, such as cell-to-cell communication called Neuro Peptides — which are sold directly to customers through the company’s online store,

It operates on social based business model where customers are rewarded for making product recommendations to friends or networks and Sleiman believes this has also been key to driving the company’s success.

“Fountain’s desire is to create and deliver innovative anti-aging cosmetics and to build strong relationships with our members based on new ways of doing business,” she said.

“We do this by involving all of our club members and offering 20 per cent referral income if consumers recommend us because they are helping add value to our business.

“We want to give our customers an amazing product and great service that will take care of all their beauty needs. We want to do this in a way to not only benefits us, as a business, but also benefit our club members. More than anything Fountain is a cause that we believe in genuinely to enhance our customers’ wellbeing.”

And while many retailers are enduring difficult times, Sleiman seems unfazed by the pressures and believes that’s one of the benefits of being able to sell directly to customers without the need to go through a middle man like a retailer.

“Ever increasing competition has been a challenge but we have overcome it by being better at providing good value, servicing and partnering with our customers,” she said.

The company uses marketing strategies such as, offering $100 worth of products to customers to sign up, free shipping on orders above a minimum amount and uses a rewards-based loyalty program to encourage consumers to shop with them.

Also, there have been advantages of being an online-only store and according to Sleiman there are no plans to change this.

“An online business provides scalability for us, therefore we are able to compete internationally, especially with our business model,” she said.

“A physical store would not give us the opportunity to operate like this because of the higher operational costs.”

As for what’s next? Sleiman is aiming big for an “IPO within five years for the benefit of our club members”.
Fountain Cosmetics is offering RetailBiz readers $100 worth of products if they sign up today here, using the reference code: 1234.