By Aimee Chanthadavong

Since launching less than two weeks ago, IKEA FAMILY, the IKEA customer loyalty program, has already seen almost 20,000 members sign-up.

The IKEA FAMILY, also known as the “flat pack fan club”, rewards its members for shopping at any of its stores.

Jude Leon, IKEA spokesperson, told Retailbiz that the company wanted its customers to develop a strong, more personal relationship with its brands.

“[The main point was] to develop a strong relationship with our loyal IKEA customers and tailor offers that are well suited to their needs,” she said.

“Globally, the program has 48 million members so we know that this is a proven means of developing meaningful contacts with our key customers.”

Some of the perks include exclusive member discounts on a selection of IKEA products; unlimited free coffee; store-to-home insurance and an extended 12 month return policy on all purchases; special meal offers in the IKEA restaurant; and receiving quarterly copies of the IKEA Family Live magazine.

“The offers represent a broad cross-section of range and include some of our most popular products. We deliberately selected products that we know customers love as a way of reward our family members. The discounts are high – in some instances 50 per cent off – as we wanted the ‘surprise & delight’ factor to be strong,” Leon said.

Additionally, a 10 cent donation is made to UNICEF or each store’s nominated local charity with every swipe of the IKEA FAMILY card.

The Swedish furniture retailer will also be introducing members-only home furnishing seminars and events. Meanwhile, there’ll also be a book range available from next January, featuring home interiors and design titles.