By Aimee Chanthadavong

This October, Howards Storage World will be launching its national rewards program, offering attractive benefits for customer after a successful 12-store trial over several months.

Dominic Panetta, Howards Storage World group marketing manager, told Retailbiz through a recent online survey 46 per cent of respondents indicated a rewards program would be the most desirable addition the store.

“We had previously received customer feedback indicating the desire for Howards to have a loyalty program. So the idea of exploring this opportunity further has been there for some time,” he said.

“However, the commitment to implementing the Howards Inspirations rewards program was accelerated once we had the survey data to confirm the strong desire for such a program.”

According to Panetta, the Howards Inspirations rewards program has been designed to reward customers for their ongoing support of the Howard Storage World brand.

“The benefit to Howards is that we can tailor our communication on the latest products, organisational information, promotions and offers, to our customers based on the information they have told us they are specifically interested in. Inspirations will also allow Howards to obtain further sales data that will help determine future marketing and product decisions,” he said.

To follow the introduction of the Howards Inspirations rewards program, Panetta said the company is expected to relaunch its own national organisational lifestyle magazine called inplace after a 12-month Australian trial period.