The use of location intelligence tools has revolutionised the way retailers address existing challenges within their stores. This technology can provide recommendations and solutions in regards to choosing new store locations, optimise store networks and identify areas of growth.

On Tuesday 24th September, Nigel Lester, head of retail solutions of Pitney Bowes Software Australia and Mani Shishineh, group insights & analytics manager of AudioClinic, will present an essential session for retailers who are looking to increase sales and optimise their marketing spend through the use of customer analytics and location intelligence techniques.

With over 27 years of experience between them, Nigel and Mani will deliver a vital session for retailers who wish to expand their own store networks as well as develop integrated multichannel customer strategies.

This session will detail how marketing activity can be enhanced by the new location intelligence tool ‘geo-fencing’, which targets specific consumers based on their virtual perimeter of a geographical area.

Geo-fencing works by offering consumers the chance to opt-in to email or text alerts, which they will receive when they enter a specific geographic area, such as a shopping centre or commercial precinct. Nigel and Mani will share how retailers can embrace this service in order to lure more foot traffic into their store fronts.

By targeting consumers based on their location and time that they visit, retailers can optimise existing sales and develop their consumer analytics of current and potential customers via their online and mobile locations.

This session will contain invaluable learning’s for retailers, whether they represent a small start up company or a large multinational.

The Retail Conference 2013 co-organiser POPAI will also present the 2013 POPAI Summit and POPAI Workshop, also at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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