By Claire Hibbit

Dubbed ‘the greatest convenience store on Earth’, Redfern Convenience Store in Sydney has launched its own private label range of water, with plans to extend the rang into snacks and chocolate.

Named after its popular Instagram handle ‘@Redfern Convenience Store’, the natural spring water range is available in 350ml, 600ml and 1.5 litres.

Owner of Redfern Convenience Store, Hazem Sedda, told C&I Week he plans to launch around 10 items under the @Redfern Convenience Store banner including sparkling water, nuts, confectionery and chocolate.

Mr Sedda’s 90sqm store stocks more than 5000 SKUS from brands all over the world as he believes offering hard to find, novelty products is the only way convenience and independent retailers have a chance to survive against the supermarket majors.

“The only way convenience retailers will be able compete over the next five years is to stock products that supermarkets don’t have. That’s the only way they can stay and that has what has helped us as a small business.”

An online store is also in the pipeline in the coming months to sell some of Mr Sedda’s popular international items on offer at his store such as Cheetos chips, Goldfish Cheddar crackers and Chocolate Covered Maple Smoked Bacon Soda.

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This story first appeared in Convenience and Impulse Retailer.