Indian start-up, CARS24 has launched in Australia with the ambition to shake-up the $55 billion used car market by bringing customers the first 100% online buying experience in the country.

What the company claims to be the future of used car sales, customers can purchase a vehicle in under five minutes and have it delivered direct to their door.

Unlike existing online marketplaces that facilitate buying through a dealer or between private sellers, CARS24 owns every car it sells, offers a 300-point inspection and ensures quality control from sourcing through to delivery and warranty.

The process involves highly skilled technicians checking and testing every aspect of the car, and then refurbishing, reconditioning and removing major imperfections before it’s delivered to the customer.

Further, CARS24 offers seven-day returns with 100% money-back guarantee. Every car also comes with a six-month unlimited warranty and free at-home delivery.

CARS24 CEO Olga Rudenko (pictured), who was the former UberEats head of consumer strategy and operations, is supported by a local team of over 130 and an inventory of over 1,000 vehicles. The average CARS24 car is five years old with an odometer of 70,000km and price of $25,000.

“We buy everything online these days from groceries and clothes to appliances. Why? It’s super easy – buy when it’s right for you, no need to leave home,” Rudenko says.

“You trust that you’ll have a good experience, with customer reviews and return policies if things don’t work out. When it comes to buying a car, there is still so much involved. You can find cars online but then you have to inspect them and hope that you won’t be duped either on price from dealerships or on their condition through private sellers.

“Being able to order a car in under five minutes with all the financing taken care of and ability to return within seven days at no cost is an absolute no brainer. We’re here to bring this new way of buying used cars to Australia.”

CARS24 has established physical operations in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales and has plans to operate in eastern and southern states by the end of 2021.