Internationally renowned fashion retailer, H&M has refurbished its Pitt Street store in the heart of Sydney to offer a more interactive and personalised shopping experience. After a three-month makeover, the Pitt Street store has relaunched, presenting an updated store layout, custom fittings, digitised shopping and the introduction of self check-out.

Newly appointed country sales manager for Australia and New Zealand, Anna Baldwin has big plans for the brand and says this is just the beginning for the transition to a more elevated brand experience.

“We are excited about our renovated H&M Pitt Street store, we’re set to enhance the customer journey, infusing the latest trends and showcasing our fashion offering in an engaging and impactful way. The way people shop has changed tremendously and we are evolving to secure the future of our bricks-and-mortar proposition, encouraging customers to reembrace fashion,” she said.

“The enhancements to the Pitt Street store allow us to reach the fashion enthusiast but also supports our goal to inspire all customers right from our window displays down to the product presentation, aligning with H&M’s overarching purpose of offering fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way.”

H&M aims to provide customers a curated venture beyond the traditional retail shopping experience. Shifting from being transactional to building relationships with customers through loyalty activations and personalised shopping with an in-house stylist – the first of its kind for the retail within the region.

The redesigned store features digital screens, a new homeware department, fitting rooms, open window displays, a Lego play area in kidswear and a preserved oak tree taking centre stage on ground floor. Kids can scan a QR code to play a game, encouraging them to find specific clothes on the character in the AR world and feed them to the ‘recycling monster’ to learn more about H&M’s garment collecting program and clothes recycling. Almost two-thirds (64%) of the fixtures were either reused or repurposed.