Highpoint Shopping Centre, owned by The GPT Group, GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund

and Highpoint Property Group, continues to evolve with the opening of a new casual dining and

urban entertainment precinct on Level One.

An $18 million investment has created a purpose-built slow eating space with a carefully selected

and diverse mix of authentic Asian restaurants. The new precinct also welcomes Strike, which

sees Highpoint deliver a unique entertainment offering to Melbourne’s West, with karaoke, tenpin

bowling and laser tag.

Bringing its unique entertainment brand to a suburban location for the first time, Strike offers

1500 sqm space for over 400 patrons, and features a cocktail bar and gourmet kitchen.

GPT Project Director, Ken Knox said it was more important than ever for retail destinations to

offer an inspiring dining and entertainment experience.

“Shopping centres are increasingly becoming a social place to enjoy the experience of dining and

entertainment,” Mr Knox said.

“This was a key consideration of Highpoint’s Level One place-making strategy, to create a unique

setting for eating and socialising.

“The opening of Strike is key to this strategy as it is a leader in delivering exceptional

entertainment venues at the highest standard.”

The new food offering at Highpoint’s Level One is inspired by the community, culture and soul of

bustling Asian cities, transporting the flavours of the East to Melbourne’s West and delivering an

expansive dining area of over 3,000 sqm with restaurant seating for 800.

Mr Knox said the precinct was an ideal destination for foodies in the West.

“The new space has delivered a mix of restaurants that have been handpicked for exciting

menus and flavours, as well as reflecting the diverse community of Melbourne’s West,” he said.

Level One at Highpoint features six new restaurants that explore five different Asian cuisines:

Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese. 

The local and international favourites

opening include:

• Ajisen Ramen – Japanese

• Dumplings Plus

• NeNe Chicken – Korean

• Roti Road – Malaysian

• Saigon Square – Vietnamese

• Tina’s Noodle Kitchen – Chinese


Highpoint’s latest precinct redevelopment included the construction of a sweeping retractable

staircase. Designed as a communal meeting point that bridges the area between the new and

current precincts, the staircase can be withdrawn to accommodate the retail destination’s

ongoing calendar of events and performances.


Highpoint Shopping Centre, owned by The GPT Group, GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund and

Highpoint Property Group, continues to grow and expand as one of Australia’s premier shopping