Retailers are urged to attend a workshop to help them prepare for product recalls and the consequences of a recall crisis.
Not-for-profit independent supply chain organisation GS1 Australia has teamed up with RQA Product Risk Institute, Asia Pacific’s only specialist product recall and crisis management training company, for the Effective Recall Management Workshops in Melbourne on April 19 and Sydney on May 30.
“Product recalls are not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’,” says Marcel Sieira, general manager – business development, GS1 Australia. “Poorly managed incidences and recalls can quickly become a crisis, the consequences of which can be devastating to a company, potentially impacting its reputation, operations and financial performance.”
Attendees will learn about a range of tools and resources to help manage recalls including GS1 Australia’s new online program.
“Australian companies simply cannot afford to miss this workshop,” says Steve Hather, managing director of the RQA Product Risk Institute.
“In our experience, companies that go through a recall for the first time are surprised by its intensity. Even if they get the mechanics of the recall right, they struggle with managing key stakeholders and communicating effectively. They wish they had a plan that provided more effective guidance, rather than having to find out where the gaps are in the middle of a recall.”