Paid fitness tech products not received by Dick Smith shoppers.

A number of Dick Smith customers left without Fitbits after ordering and paying for them, prior to January 4, will now be able to get them from Harvey Norman, according to NZ media reports.

Shoppers will have to produce their original Dick Smith purchase order that shows a deposit of full payment for the product before February 29.

Fitbit and Harvey Norman have said if the customer paid a deposit they will be able to pay the balance to Harvey Norman before receiving the product, and if paid in full, there are no extra costs.

Harvey Norman will not refund any Dick Smith purchases but will replace faulty goods. Any warranty claims can be made through the Fitbit website or via Harvey Norman.

Dick Smith receivers set to lure Asian buyers

Dick Smith receivers, Ferrier Hodgson, are reportedly sourcing Asian buyers for the beleaguered electronics retailer, advertising the business sale in major newspapers across the region, including the Asian Wall Street Journal.

Media reports suggest that the receivers aim to bring in major Asian consumer electronics retailers, such as Gome, Yamada and Suning, as well as other suppliers looking to secure a retail footprint in Australia.

“We don’t want to leave any stone unturned,” Ferrier Hodgson retail partner James Stewart told media.

“Most of the world’s consumer electronics retailers are supplied through Asian markets. We want to make sure we give everyone an opportunity.”

Ferrier Hodgson have reportedly received more than 50 expressions of interest from potential buyers for the chain. There has also been speculation that the New Zealand arm of the business, which operates 62 Dick Smith stores, could be sold separately.

This story first appeared in Appliance Retailer