By Aimee Chanthadavong

A bulk butcher concept that has been successful in Brisbane is now open at Harris Farm Markets in Dee Why.

Traditionally a fruit and vegetable supermarket, Harris Farm Markets has teamed up with Brisbane-based retailer Super Butcher to launch Big D’s Butcher, offering premium meats at up to 60 per cent below supermarket prices.

Tristan Harris, Harris Farms Markets general manager buying & marketing, told Retailbiz that for a number of years the company has been looking into offering its customers meat products at its stores.

“Over the years, we have extended into a number of other food categories such cheese and bread. A few years a go we saw the potential to get into the meat category where we tried different ways of introducing it before we came across Super butcher in Queensland. We thought it was fantastic concept and that our customers would love it,” he said.

At Big D’s Butcher have the opportunity to work closely with the butcher in the warehouse-like environment located within a giant cool-room. Once the customer selects their premium piece of meat, such a whole rump, the butcher will then slice it to order and offer advice on preparation.

Information product cards will be provided in store to help guide and teach customers about cuts and what they are best used for. Customers are also encouraged to wear their jumpers as part of the shopping experience however, jackets will be provided in-store.

“A traditional butcher shop certainly has its place in the market and by in large those operators do a good job. The problem they face is price competition against supermarkets,” Harris said.
“So we thought in order to get that edge against other retailers it was significant for us to offer something different in terms of competitive pricing and experience.

According to Harris, if the Dee Why is a success Big D’s Butcher will be opened at other Harris Farm Markets stores.