By Aimee Chanthadavong

Since opening their first restaurant in Melbourne in 2004, the Aussie burger chain Grill’d is going mobile with the arrival of the Grill’d Airstream.

Founder and managing director of Grill’d Simon Crowe told Retailbiz the Grill’d Airstream will help “make burgers good again”.

“Having spent our fair share of sunny days at festivals, concerts and the like, we realised it was hard to find a decent meal, let alone a good burger, at these events. The Grill’d Airstream will let us serve our healthy burgers at a whole range of events and locations including music festivals, special events and popular tourist spots around the country,” he said.

Imported as a shell from the US and designed and custom-fitted locally in Australia, the Grill’d Airstream is incorporated with kitchen facilities and is self-powered.

“We wanted to ensure anyone enjoying a burger from the Grill’d Airstream received the same quality experience they’d expect at one of our restaurants. To achieve this we’ve essentially fitted one of our restaurant kitchens into the confines of an Airstream van, which is no mean feat,” Crowe said.

However, he also noted that the though it may be a mobile restaurant, the quality of the food will not be compromised. It will be serving a limited version of the most popular burgers and chips found on the menu in the Grill’d restaurants.

“We’re still using the highest quality, freshest ingredients to make our burgers the old-fashioned way, meaning we’re delivering the same quality food experience that people have come to expect from our restaurants,” he said.

To help celebrate the arrival of the Grill’d Airstream it will be embarking on a ‘Burger Love Tour’ across Melbourne and Sydney over the next few months.