The Good Guys has teamed up with Dyson, with support of Planet Ark, to launch a vacuum cleaner recycling initiative for local communities during March 2011.

The initiative comes as part of the company’s ‘Think Green’ campaign.

“As one of Australia's largest retailers in consumer electronics, we have a responsibility to help our customers make smart decisions about the environmental impact of their purchases,” the company said on its Think Green website.

“We are committed to doing our part in selling energy and water efficient products, by helping you choose greener products and learn how to use your products more efficiently.”

The eco-trade campaign gives local residents the opportunity to trade-in, rather than throw away their old vacuum cleaner, so it can be responsibly recycled.

Vacuum cleaners can be dropped off at The Good Guys store during March, and in return for the machine will receive a discount off a new Dyson vacuum cleaner.