Global thrift retailer, Savers has confirmed plans to open its first Sydney store, marking a significant milestone in its Australian expansion.

With a floor space of 1,590 square metres, the Savers store will rival the size and range of a standard department store, stocking more than 100,000 pre-loved items across clothing, accessories, home goods, and more, with over 25,000 one-of-a-kind finds arriving weekly.

With a 25-year history operating in Australia, the thrift superstore will continue Savers legacy as a leading second-hand destination where most items are priced under $10.

Opening in Hoxton Park Prestons on Thursday 30 May, the new second-hand offering will meet growing consumer demand for sustainable and affordable items.

Bringing Savers to the New South Wales market has been a priority for the company, according to managing director for Australia, Michael Fisher.

“I’m pleased to confirm that the rumours are true – Savers will soon be bringing our famous Thrift Proud offering to Sydney shoppers. At a time when the cost of living and demand for sustainable shopping solutions are surging, now is the right time for Savers to expand into New South Wales,” he said.

“Along with our global credentials, our 25 years of operating in Australia have shown that we are a trusted retail destination for value-conscious consumers and a key contributor to the circular economy.”

The expansion into New South Wales will create over 100 new job opportunities in Sydney.

“We are excited to invite Sydney shoppers to join us in our Thrift Proud movement and experience the joy of thrift shopping for the good of hip pockets, the planet, and our ongoing partnerships with our local charity partners,” Fisher added.

Savers has diverted over 7.5 million kilograms of textile waste from landfills across its 12 existing Australian stores in the last year alone. Shopping second-hand also conserves water, reduces pollution and minimises energy consumption.

Savers also accepts all donations on behalf of a not-for-profit partner helping them fund programs in the local community.