The interior design of a retail space can help fulfill the customer's desire for a unique experience. It has become a more essential step of the consumer purchasing behaviour, as shopping as evovled from the act of making a purchase through to providing service and creating memorable experiences.

Rhys Duggan, an interior designer for retail spaces, will be one of the speakers at Retail Conference 2013 that will detail how the design process can maximise sales and build brand/ consumer relationships.

By intentionally masking the business like buy and sell transaction, interior design transforms spaces into becoming a strategic tool to encourage shoppers to spend more time and money. Examples of this can be seen in central shopping centers which blur the line between public and private space to offer unique experiences that fulfill the needs of customers beyond purchasing.

Rhys will take delegates through the design process, and look at proven case studies at Aesop and Sportsgirl where spaces have utilized individual retail interiors to establish differentiation in the retail market, and give customers the opportunity to connect with the brand. One of the most challenging concepts in interior retail design is attempting to structure a space which reflects personality, instead of being perceived to be mass market. Designers also experience this same difficulty when designing a familiar environment, which also calls for an individual space.

With experience in retail design for multi national brands including Diesel, Pacific Brands, Hoyts and Sportscraft, Rhys is well placed to deliver key insights into how business owners can utilize design concepts which will embrace and encourage the consumer to connect with the store brand and make a purchase.

The Retail Conference 2013 co-organiser POPAI will also present the 2013 POPAI Summit and POPAI Workshop, also at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The 1-Day Summit on Wednesday 25th September will deliver local and international business insights and leading studies across Marketing-at-Retail and the elusive Paths-to-Pur¬chase. The 1/2-day Workshop on the morning of Thursday 26th September invites attend¬ees to actively participate in round-table dialogue, with each table being chaired by a Summit speaker from the previous days Summit.

To register for Rhys’ session or for more information on the extensive conference program, please visit or call 1300 789 845.