The Fridge Buyback residential energy savings scheme is returning to New South Wales with new rules that will make it easier for residents to save on their power bills by giving up their second fridge or upright freezer.

Fridge Buyback operates under the NSW Government’s Energy Saving Scheme.  Recent changes to the scheme means that appliances no longer have to be built prior to 1996.

Fridge Buyback manager, Rene Hendriksen said, “We are delighted to be able to collect upright freezers as well as second fridges. Many people are running a second fridge or freezer that they don’t really need. Fridge Buyback helps residents cut their energy bills, which also has a positive environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions.”

Now in its seventh year, Fridge Buyback has collected, degassed and recycled over 53,000 fridges in 51 local government areas. The appliances are professionally degassed and the metals recycled.

To participate in the program, fridges or upright freezers must be a working second appliance that has been in regular use and is 200 litres (7.06 cubic feet) or more in size.

A $15 rebate is paid for collection from homes with six steps or less. Collection is free, using professional removalists (but no rebate is paid), where collection involves between seven to 20 steps). A fee will apply only if the property has more than 20 steps.

This story first appeared in Appliance Retailer.