“Seriously successful and highly charismatic” is how Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey describes the businesspeople headlining the seminar series at the Sydney Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo this month.

“I’m very excited about the list of successful franchisors speaking in Sydney this year,” she says. “It’s an incredible opportunity to hear from people at the top of their game, to learn from them and to see what drives them.” 

Prominent businesspeople presenting this year include Dr Sam Prince, founder and director of Zambrero; Pippa Hallas, CEO of Ella Baché; Sara Pantaleo, CEO of La Porchetta; John O’Brien, CEO of Poolwerx; and Elaine Jobson, General Manager of Jetts 24 Hour Fitness Australia.

The seminar program also includes specialist industry consultants such as Brian Keen from How to Franchise Simply, The Franchise Shop’s Grant Garraway, Suzanne Jarzabkowska from DC Strategy, and Darryn McAuliffe from FRANdata.

In addition the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) will be presenting daily panel sessions featuring a range of fascinating and diverse franchisees.

Great speakers do more than just share information – they can be motivating and inspiring, or even life-changing,” says Stacey. “I encourage all visitors to take advantage of these free sessions at the show.”

A former Franchise Woman of the Year, Sara Pantaleo’s keynote session will take attendees on a journey of the past and future for La Porchetta, and share her story as a businesswoman. Pantaleo is a passionate advocate for franchising as a business model and she has served on the FCA Board at a state and national level and as a member of the FCA CEO Group. She is also a member of the Family Business Association Victorian Committee.

Pippa Hallas is the dynamic CEO of the company started by her grandmother Edith Hallas and her great aunt Ella Baché 60 years ago. Now she is taking it from strength to strength, with rebranding and renewed focus on education and product innovation. Visitors will learn about her franchising philosophy and growth strategy at her unmissable keynote presentation.

John O’Brien’s keynote presentation is titled ‘How to Pick a Franchise Winner for You’, which will discuss in detail the specific questions and topics prospective franchisees should ask to narrow down the right franchise system for them. O’Brien is a highly regarded leader, advisor and mentor, who was inducted into the FCA Hall of Fame in 2012. His charismatic presentation will engross visitors as he draws upon his own experiences in business and life.

Sam Prince is a doctor and philanthropist who also happens to run one of Australia’s fastest-growing franchises, Zambrero. He will explain how he grew Zambrero from one to 75 stores in Australia and five overseas, all while studying then practising as a medical doctor and working on humanitarian aid projects.

Elaine Jobson’s seminar topic is ‘Building great brands through culture and people’ where she will share how great brands recruit and retain the right people for their business. Recently appointed General Manager at Jett’s 24 Hour Fitness, Jobson has extensive experience in the fitness industry with international brands such as Virgin Active and Fitness First.

FRANdata’s CEO Darryn McAuliffe believes having the most up to date information is crucial when entering the franchising industry. His company established the Australian Franchise Registry™ and provides business intelligence to franchisees and franchisors. “My presentation will discuss how to find a franchise-friendly bank, and also how to find a franchise that is lender-friendly, ” he says. 

Fiona Stacey says one thing all the experts have in common is the emphasis they place on thorough research before investing in a franchise, or franchising an existing concept. 

“Attending the Expo means you can investigate all the ins and outs and meet all the right people under one roof,” she says. “It really is a one-stop-shop, wherever you are in your franchising journey.”

Source: FCA media release