Going against the tide of economic doom and gloom, Forty Winks is launching a new Prestige showroom in its Hawthorn store. 
With many store owners realising that superior product selection and greater attention to service will create a point of difference in a crowded market, the Forty Winks showroom will only carry premium products including Sealy’s ‘Crown Jewel’, a top end collection from Sealy.
“During the last economic boom consumers worldwide began to live disposable lifestyles where products were bought cheap and turned over regularly. This demand changed the face of the Australian manufacturing and retail industries by driving the quality of products down to meet the market,” said Forty Winks Hawthorn business manager Cameron van den Dungen.
“The Prestige Showroom in Hawthorn is an exciting new development for the Forty Winks brand,” said Natasha Peiris, Forty Winks national marketing manager.
“It represents a fantastic synergy, where a Forty Winks franchisee and our suppliers can work together to develop on the retail offering. The result is that the Forty Winks customers benefit, and that’s always our end goal.”
Forty Winks Hawthorn has also made the commitment to only carry Australian-made hardwood furniture within the Prestige showroom, which will officially launch this Thursday.