More than 12% of Forever New’s online revenue is now automated, thanks to the fashion retailer’s partnership with omnichannel customer engagement platform, Emarsys, which first began in early 2018. This automated revenue has been generated from 14 customer journeys created in the Emarsys platform that deliver personalised, seamless omnichannel experiences.

With more than 86 stores in Australia and 200 overseas, Emarsys is helping Forever New scale and deliver personalised customer experiences to build and retain loyal customer relationships.

A fully integrated Customer Data Platform has allowed Forever New to deliver a unique experience every time a customer shops, leveraging Emarsys’ built-in email, SMS, web and social media tools to streamline and personalise experiences for customers across all channels.

Forever New has also opted for Emarsys’ customer intelligence module to unify customer data and categorise it into smart segments for automated marketing. Forever New has witnessed significant growth from its email marketing (60%) and CRM advertising (70%) over the last six months as a direct result of its ability to segment its data and run targeted campaigns.

Forever New managing director, Carolyn Mackenzie said, “With Emarsys, we’ve been able to unify multi-channel customer data, honing in on specific customers across every channel. Harnessing the power of automation and artificial intelligence to drive efficiencies and accelerate business outcomes has helped us to grow Forever New in a more profitable way.”

Emarsys APAC managing director, Adam Ioakim added, “The Emarsys platform has been built to deliver measurable business results by enabling genuinely personalised experiences for customers across every channel.

“Channel agnostic, customer-centric personalisation is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal, and it’s successes like Forever New’s that drive both our team and the continuous improvement of our platform.”