Eftpos Payments Australia (ePAL) has neither admitted nor denied whether the planned changes to eftpos interchange fees will affect both retailers and consumers.

In a statement, the company that manages the eftpos debit payment system said it wishes to “clarify” aspects of its announcement last month where chief executive Bruce Mansfield said neither consumers nor retailers would be affected by the changes.

“ePAL has no role in relation to the negotiation of charges set between an acquirer and the retailers it serves, or between retailers and their customers,” ePAL said.

“It remains to be seen whether acquirers will pass part or all of any fee changes on to retailers and what retailers may do in relation to their consumers as a result of any changes.

“It is therefore premature to state with certainty what impact the planned changes will have on retailers or then upon their consumers.”

The planned changes to eftpos interchange fees will commence to be implemented from 1 October