A new entrance control gate that can help retailers meet COVID-19 physical distancing requirements and detect fevers has been brought to Australia and New Zealand.

The gate features automated occupancy control technology that counts the number of people entering and exiting a facility and prevents the gate opening if a set occupancy level is reached. An optional thermal camera could also be mounted to detect the temperature of people entering a facility and prevent the gate opening if any visitors show signs of a fever.

The EasyGate SG 1000 is available as a fixed installation or can be mounted on a ramp for a mobile solution that can be moved to any entry point and – like the fixed version – caters for disabled access, as well as access people with buggies or strollers.

The mobile EasyGate SG 1000 is available in single or multi-lane deployments and also comes with a hand-sanitiser mount to provide for an extra layer of protection.

Centaman Entrance Control general manager Michael Bystram said the new EasyGate SG 1000 was an ideal solution for supermarkets and retailers that wanted to protect the safety of customers and staff and give them confidence that their store is a safe place to shop.

“Being able to control the number of people within a store is vital to ensure physical distancing requirements can be adhered to. When Australian and New Zealand Government COVID-19 restrictions ease and more people return to physical stores, it will be critical for retailers to have adequate measures in place.”