Renewable energy switching platform EnergyIQ has launched, offering electricity plans from a range of future-focused energy retail brands proactively working towards 100% renewable energy. The tool enables Australians to reduce their household emissions and cost of household energy.

EnergyIQ is available to businesses that do not have a commercial energy plan. However, retailers that have a standard/residential energy plan can find savings and help the environment through EnergyIQ.

“We have already passed the tipping point in Australia with both solar and wind being cheaper sources of electricity than coal. The shift to renewables is inevitable, and EnergyIQ has launched to help expedite this process,” EnergyIQ and Accurassi founder and CEO, Ross Sharman said.

“The current pandemic has required a heavy emphasis on our shared responsibility and collective consciousness, and Australians have risen to the challenge. It’s time for us to extend that sense of accountability towards a more sustainable future.

Currently, only 19% of Australia’s energy is powered by renewable sources, indicating that 81% of our energy is powered by fossil fuels.

Despite the prevalence of traditional energy, solar and wind energy are now cheaper than coal and gas in Australia. Renewable energy is produced using natural resources that are constantly replaced. On the other hand, traditional energy such as coal and gas, is non-renewable and will eventually run out, causing drastic impact to the environment and health.

“The many positive environmental impacts that come with switching to renewables aside, it simply makes financial sense to shift to renewable energy. Every switch will be an investment in our renewable future and create a significantly positive impact on our environment and resulting climate. An increase in demand will in turn, reduce our energy bills and collective emissions over time as well,” Sharman said.

“The pandemic is forcing all of society to rethink previously held beliefs with regards to lifestyle and work patterns. It presents an ideal opportunity to minimise consumption across a range of sectors. When lockdown restrictions are eased, many will continue to commute and travel less, reduce household waste, have shorter work weeks, and rely more on local supply chains.

“By providing Australians with the power to switch their household energy to a more future-focused plan, the demand will increase the need for more large-scale renewable infrastructure.

“The more Australians who switch to future-focused plans via EnergyIQ, the more the government and energy retailers will have to invest in renewable infrastructure. This will lead to a substantial reduction in emissions and cheaper and cleaner energy for all. A clear win-win.”