eftpos is trialling its first consumer rewards program to increase the usage of its cards in restaurants – an area traditionally dominated by cash or credit card payments.

As part of the trial program, customers are offered special deals and rewards when they pay for their meals in selected restaurants using eftpos at no additional fee or charge.

Bruce Mansfield, eftpos managing director, said offers will be available through a mobile app via the internet rather than directly through eftpos-enabled cards.

“We would like to see more people using eftpos to purchase everyday food in pubs, cafes and restaurants by pressing CHQ and SAV at the checkout,” he said. 

“This is an area that has been dominated by cash payments and credit cards for many years.

“Consumers currently use eftpos for everyday purchases such as groceries and fuel as a way to access their own money at the checkout and control spending, so it makes sense to move into everyday food as well.”