Since his recent appointment to the newly created advertising director role at eBay, David Odgers has told Retailbiz he will assist the company in continual growth in its advertising publishing business.

“By making sure that our advertising product is the most effective in the marketplace we then need to ensure that our proposition is understood by decision-makers,” he said.

“In fact, eBay offers a unique set of opportunities for advertisers that many other popular sites can’t. For example, we attract a large and engaged community of buyers and sellers who are comfortable transacting online.  We can also target advertising effectively so that it is relevant to the viewers, yielding a good return on investment for the advertiser. “

“Finally it’s really exciting for a retailer to be involved with a business like eBay. Many of the hurdles that exist for traditional retailers are not present online and with almost six million Australian visitors a month eBay has tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth.”

Odgers brings almost 15 years of experience in the retail sector working on brands including Mars Australia, Telstra and Vodafone.

“Over the course of my career I have built strong commercial relationships, managed sales teams and developed strategies to increase revenue and enhance the customer’s experience,” he said.

As we build eBay’s advertising publishing business I will be sensitive to any implications for the customer experience on eBay. Importantly, I bring with me experience of how commercial partnerships, including but not limited to advertising can be effectively integrated to truly benefit the consumer.

Also recently joining eBay’s advertising team are experienced professionals Chrissy Griffin from Sensis Media and Nicholas Ong from 9msn.