Eagle Boys Pizza has teamed up with Video Ezy to expand its customer base.

As part of a nation-wide campaign, Eagle Boys will give Video Ezy Flash Reward members, the video retailer’s 12-month membership program, $4 off Eagle Boys large traditional pizzas.

Currently Flash Reward Members receive exclusive discounts to food, beverages, book, mags, movie, music, leisure and event entertainment.

Eagle Boys CEO Todd Clayton said the Video Ezy partnership would prove a lucrative means of attracting new customers to the brand and fuelling 2011 expansion targets.

 “The Video Ezy partnership will help generate a whole new consumer base for Eagle Boys Pizza – it’s a great opportunity for our franchisees to network and identify emerging demand by talking to new customers,” he said.

The pizza company said it will open average of more than one new store each week during the first six months of 2011 as part of our $18.5 million expansion strategy for the current financial year.