Ahsan Muhammad has been working as a DoorDash delivery driver since his arrival in Australia from Pakistan in 2019, delivering meals while living in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

In a recent interview with Retailbiz, Muhammad shared his personal experience with DoorDash and the broader retail industry.

“I initially made the decision to move to Canberra because it’s where my wife is from. However, I quickly fell in love with the city’s people, the beauty and greenery that you don’t get in other cities around the world. I’m happy to call it my new home,” he said.

“As a newcomer to Australia, DoorDash allowed me to start work quickly and simply. I’ve seen the financial benefits of using the app, having recently purchased a new car with my earnings. I’ve also loved the flexibility that ‘dashing’ provides. I don’t need to report to a boss and I can ‘dash’ across Australia which gives me freedom to travel and move around. This kind of work will also allow me to pursue Civil Engineering again when I am ready to.”

When Muhammad migrated to Australia in 2019 and the pandemic hit the following year, delivering food to people’s doorsteps became essential work.

“Seemingly, there were less businesses across the delivery platforms before lockdown but as people started to order more I saw more restaurants join. With delivery platforms like DoorDash expanding their services to include groceries and medicine delivery, I’ve also found there’s more opportunities to earn,” he said.

“Despite cost-of-living concerns, I’ve noticed that more Canberrans are ordering on a day-to-day basis and from my experience working with multiple delivery platforms, I’d anticipate customers will increasingly turn to delivery platforms at their convenience.”