Muffin Break is encouraging people to take a break on Saturday 20 September 2014 in support of national family-focussed charity Good Beginnings.

Each year Muffin Break hosts the Good Beginnings Fundraising Day as part of its partnership with the charity to help build better outcomes for children in vulnerable communities.

Since the partnership began in 2012, Muffin Break has raised more than $135,000 for Good Beginnings, with even more funds anticipated on 20 September via donation collection boxes to be visible at every Muffin Break café across Australia.

On top of the donations made in-store by customers, Muffin Break will donate an additional $15,000 to the charity.

Muffin Break Brand Manager John Macphail said the bakery-café franchise is proud to be partnered with Good Beginnings and hopes Australian muffin-lovers will open their hearts and wallets to contribute too.

“Good Beginnings makes such a positive impact on the lives of so many families throughout Australia and Muffin Break is delighted to support the charity by helping to raise much-needed funds to ensure its programs can continue for years to come,” said Macphail.

Not all Australian children grow up safe, happy and healthy, which is why Good Beginnings provides early intervention and practical parenting programs for children and their families in vulnerable communities. Good Beginnings programs are free to children and families in need, with assistance ranging from supported playgroups and literacy programs to fathering initiatives, at-home volunteer visiting for new parents and intensive family support.

People who are unable to get to a Muffin Break café on 20 September can still support the charity by donating at

Source: Muffin Break media release