David Jones has appointed Antony Karp to the newly created role of group executive retail services.

The role incorporates Karp’s current head of retail development role with the head of information technology role.

According to the company, the new role will reflect the company’s aim to become a multi-channel retailer.

“The new role reflects the company’s focus on transforming into an integrated multi-channel retailer that recognises the importance of the customer shopping as and when they want, utilising their channel of preference,” it said in a statement.

“By combining the group executive retail development and information technology roles the Company has aligned its management structure and resources to ensure a well managed transformation.”

As a result of this, Karen McLachlan, who previously held the group executive information technology position has resigned.

In a separate announcement, Reg Clairs has retired as one of the company’s non-executive directors from the board to be effective of 29 February 2012.