Discount Drug Store plans to reach 120 stores nationally by the end of 2013 with 110 pharmacies already opened.

Discounting Drug Store general manager Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas said the company’s growth reflects its ongoing commitment to providing everyday low prices with intentions to invest heavily in new technology to improve efficiency and enhance staff knowledge.

“We think it’s essential that our pharmacists are able to do what they do best, which is ensuring our customers have access to the best quality healthcare advice and products,” he said. “Our new systems will enable them to do this by managing the sales side of the business for them.”

Adding to this, the pharmacy brand is also increasing services in store and will be rolling out a number of health campaigns and services over the coming months aimed at providing greater health care benefits to its customers.

“We’re coming out stronger than ever this year and will be implementing a number of new professional health services and product lines,” Kuskopf-Dallas said. “At Discount Drug Stores we believe in an absolute commitment to our customers’ healthcare and are positioning ourselves as the leading pharmacy brand when it comes to delivering service excellence.”

The pharmacy franchise is also strategic in generating new ways for its customers to save on everyday pharmacy essentials, with the release of Discount Drug Stores’ private label range of over the counter medicines last year proving particularly beneficial for customers.

“The release of our private label range is just one new product launch that is aimed at giving our customers high quality but more affordable products,” Kuksopf-Dallas said. “We have a number of new product lines that we’re currently working on, some of which we’re hoping to introduce into the market in 2013.”