A new app was rolled out in May offering a simple digital solution for retailers to monitor who visits their stores, without compromising customer privacy, as bricks-and-mortar outlets re-opened as restrictions eased.

1breadcrumb was developed in just five weeks as a one-touch solution to exiting lockdown, allowing shoppers to safely check-in and out of venues.

1breadcrumb founder Paul Willson said returning the retail industry from hibernation meant ensuring retailers and shopping centre managers could feel confident in quickly tracing impacted customers if there was another outbreak.

“In order to confidently and safely reopen restaurants, hotels, pubs and shopping centres, businesses need to be able to access information about who has been on site, for how long, and who they interacted with – in case of a secondary outbreak,” he said.

“1breadcrumb was developed with built-in geo-fencing, allowing businesses to easily and securely manage an automatic checking process whilst ensuring the privacy of customers and guests.”

1breadcrumb is an alternative to the federal government’s COVID-19 app, ensuring businesses are able to quickly trace anyone who has been in contact with a customer or staff member diagnosed with coronavirus.

“1breadcrumb allows people with a positive diagnosis to quickly and easily check their history to see where they’ve been and then contact those venues and the authorities,” Willson said.

“Digital check-ins and check-outs will become part of the post-pandemic normal, and 1breadcrumb provides a non-invasive, one-touch solution.”