In a hope that it will expand consumer choice, the ACT Labor Government is adding two new supermarkets to the Dickson Shopping Centre.

The government is seeking expressions of interest for the construction of two new supermarkets at Dickson with one of these being Aldi. The other will be a full-line supermarket, with the operator the supermarket to be determined during the EOI process.

According to the Andrew Barr, chief minister of the Labor government, said the supermarkets will not only contribute to the renewal of the Dickson group centre but offer consumers great choice.

“It will mean a wider selection of places to shop, a wider variety of goods, and more competition, which can only be a good thing for keeping prices down,” he said.

This decision comes as a result of the overwhelming support shown by Inner North residents in a survey, which was distributed to all households in north Canberra at the end of last year.

The survey asked residents to vote on how they would like new supermarkets in Dickson to be developed, outlining two options that two supermarkets will be constructed simultaneously on the same site or one supermarket to be built first on one section of the centre followed by a second one on a separate site.

As a result, of the 1896 respondents more than 60 per cent preferred for the simultaneous development.

“While there is a clear preference for two new supermarkets to be developed at the same time, a significant number of respondents were also concerned about parking, particularly during the construction phase,” Barr said.

“The government understands these concerns and is committed to ensuring there is enough new parking in the group centre once construction is complete. Much of the new parking will be underground. The government will work with the successful developer to minimise disruption for shoppers and retailers during construction, and will establish temporary parking arrangements during the construction phase.”

“The plans for the new supermarkets are part of the broader master plan for the Dickson Group Centre.”