After just two months on the job, Country Road’s John Cheston has resigned from the position of chief executive officer (CEO).

According to the company, his resignation was due to “irreconcilable differences with the Board over the future directions of the company”.

Unable to comment any further on the situation at the time of reporting, Simon Susman, Country Road’s chairman, said in a statement: “The differences regarding the future path of the business were fundamental in nature and were capable of resolution.”

“The situation is regrettable but the Board is unanimously of the view that this is the best course of action to maintain momentum and future growth of the business.

Additionally, Susman said Country Road’s operating strategies will remain unchanged.

“We will continue to focus on our store rollout strategy for our two brands, whilst continuing to review and implement cost saving initiatives,” he said.

Cheston’s appointment as CEO was announced in March this year where he took over acting chief executive Glenn Gilzean.