Whether it’s an after work-out treat, or a cooling afternoon drink, Frosty Boy Australia says it has found consumers are craving yoghurt-based smoothies.

Felipe Demartini, General Manager Sales & Marketing for Frosty Boy Australia said the popularity of yoghurt-based smoothies has grown in recent years.

“After extensive market research, we realised yoghurt-based smoothies would be the next big trend in food, which prompted the Creative Yoghurt Smoothie Base. Sales for this product have been growing exponentially, and we expect the trend to last for at least another 18 months,” said Mr Demartini.

Mr Demartini believes the popularity of yoghurt-based smoothies is due to consumers wanting fresh and fruity flavours.

“The Creative Yoghurt Smoothie Base can be used to create a range of delicious fruit based smoothies such as Mango, Kiwi and Banana, Berry Bliss and Avocado and Cucumber, ” he said.

Recipes for these smoothies and more, as well as a library of short step-by-step videos, can be found on www.blendbeverages.com.au/recipes. The recipes and videos have recently been created as a resource for retailers to expand their beverage menu. 

There is also an added bonus for consumers with Frosty Boy Australia’s Creative Yoghurt Smoothie Base containing live probiotic cultures, prebiotic fibre and no artificial colours or sweeteners.

Retailers’ sales of cold and icy beverages such as frappes and smoothiesincreases from 15% to 35% as the weather gets warmer.

Frosty Boy Australia is constantly committed to research and development and staying up-to-date on consumer trends. 

For summer it is predicted that iced tea will be the number one thirst quencher — good timing, as the company is currently looking at developing a sugar-free iced tea that could also be used in a granita machine.

For more information on Frosty Boy Australia visit http://www.frostyboy.com.au and for information on Frosty Boy’s Creative Yoghurt Smoothie Base visit http://www.blendbeverages.com.au.