By Aimee Chanthadavong

After 24 years, Collette Dinnigan has decided she will close her business at the end of year, with retail closing early in the New Year.

In a statement, Dinnigan made clear the decision to shut up shop was so she could spend more time with her family, which she realised she does not get enough of after publishing her book this week, Obsessive Creative, rather making a decision based on her financial circumstances.

“The book is a retrospective of my life and it’s made me stop and think about the amazing journey I have had thus far,” she said.

“It crystallised my thinking, that I have sacrificed a lot of family time in building and maintaining my business, now I want balance back in my life with my husband, nine-year-old daughter and baby boy.”

Dinnigan’s Collette by Collette Dinnigan will continue to be sold through David Jones, Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter, Matches Fashion and selected boutiques.

Collette Dinnigan Enfant line will be re-launched in November 2013 and will continue to be sold through David Jones stores.

Dinnigan will also continue to design eyewear exclusively for Specsavers and is currently working with the Specsavers design team on future collections.

According to Dinnigan, the company continues to trade positively, continuing to yield growth into the 2014 financial year.