Coles and Woolworths supermarkets are offering customers a range of alternative checkout bags in preparation for the State Government’s single-use plastic bag ban coming into effect today.
Coles customers can now choose from a range of checkout bag alternatives, including the popular reuseable ‘green bag’, available for 99 cents.
Coles also offers a multi-use heavyweight plastic bag at 15 cents per bag, and a biodegradable bag that meets the Australian standard (AS 4736 – 2006) for 25 cents per bag.
Coles general manager customer, Sioned Rees-Thomas, said that store teams are ready to help customers through the checkout bag changes.
“Our key focus has been to ensure that we offer customers a range of affordable bag alternatives and prepare our store teams for the changeover,” said Rees-Thomas.
Rees-Thomas said store teams have been re-trained in bag packing procedures, to ensure the new bag alternatives are packed to the appropriate safe weight for customers.
“Monday will see a significant change at our stores, and we look forward to helping our customers understand the new bag options.”
Woolworths director of corporate and public affairs, Andrew Hall, said Woolworths had increased its range of reusable bags to provide customers with more convenient alternatives to plastic bags.
“Woolworths already has a variety of reusable bags and in South Australia we have added more options to accommodate a wide range of shopping needs and budgets. The reusable bags will be as inexpensive as 15 cents,” said Hall.
Hall said Woolworths will continue to sell existing reusable bags which include the popular green bag, chiller bag and wine bag options.
“To complement the existing range, we have introduced four new options to make customers shopping experience easier,” said Hall.
The new bag varieties include a reusable carry bag for 15 cents; a pouch bag for $4.99; eight bags in a bag for $8.99, and refill packs of five reusable bags are available for $4.99.
Hall said Woolworths has been working with staff and customers to ensure the plastic bag ban is as seamless as possible.
“The plastic bag ban will mean a big change to the way some customers shop. To help reduce confusion, Woolworths has been running an education campaign in-store so that customers could start to get used to shopping with reusable bags,” said Hall.
“Since January, Woolworths supermarkets across South Australia have been introducing plastic bag free lanes for customers to trial. Express and self service lanes have also been plastic bag free.
“The customer feedback has been positive and we have had many people accepting the plastic bag free challenge in recent months,” he said.
Hall said Woolworths will also be providing a helping hand to consumers to break the plastic bag habit.
“We want customers to remember their reusable bags every time they shop so we’ve created some everyday reminder items to help them. Shopping lists, keyrings and coin purses will be available for 99 cents in-store,” he said.