Fruit and vegetables are next on the list in the supermarket price war.

From Tuesday, Coles has announced it will slash up to 50 per cent off in prices from at least a dozen of fruit and vegetables each week. This will double the supermarket’s number of Super Specials in its stores.

If Woolworths decides to do the same, fruit and vegetables will become the latest products to be heavily discounted by the supermarket giants following milk, bread, toilet paper and washing powder.

“Quality fresh produce is the most important part of our offer to customers. They rightly expect the very best quality but price is an increasingly important factor for many when choosing what to buy and where to buy it,” Greg Davis, Coles general manager for fresh produce, said.

“We have worked closely with our growers to transform our fresh fruit and vegetables offer, investing in new growing techniques, quality control, in store displays and lower prices for customers.”

With receiving backlash from Australian dairy farmers during Coles’ announcement to reduce milk prices, the company has will not have a negative impact on Australian farmers. Instead it has reassured that the price reduction on fruit and vegetables is “good news for Australians growers who have produced a bumper crop thanks to ideal growing conditions”.

By reducing prices, Coles says it expects to increase sales, providing a more certain market for Australian growers with such an abundance of product that may otherwise end up being left in the fields.