By Aimee Chanthadavong

Over 900 products with Australian Made logos are already stocked on the shelves of Coles.

But the supermarket chain has set the benchmark, celebrating its Coles Brand as having the most Australian Made products than any other brand in the country.

Speak to Retailbiz, Jon Church, Coles head of consumer media relations, said the company aims to reinforce to customers how easy it is buy Australian.

“Coles has a proud Australian heritage and has always supported Australian growers and manufacturers,” Church said.

“We believe in offering our customers great quality food which costs them less and we have been reducing prices right across the store over the last year through our Down Down campaign. This means that all customers, regardless of their budget, can afford to buy Australian made products at Coles.”

Most recently a survey, conducted by Roy Morgan Research, revealed that almost 19,000 people found that 90 per cent prefer to buy products Made In Australia.

“[We are] helping our customers support Australian growers and manufacturers which we know is important to them. By using the Australian Made/Grown logo on Coles brand products it is easier than ever for customers to find their favourite Coles brand products right across the store from sun screen to sausages,” Church said.