Coles has entered the national car insurance market, launching Coles Car Insurance, which is backed by Wesfarmers Insurance.
Coles Car Insurance lets customers triple their standard four cent Coles fuel discount receipt once every month for a year. It will be available both online and through a dedicated call centre.
In addition to the fuel discount, the cover offers choice of repairer, lifetime guarantee on repairs by authorised repairers as standard and flexible cover options. Customers can generate Flybuys points on purchase, and will receive a five per cent discount off the first year’s premium if buying online.
Customers taking out comprehensive cover will also have their groceries insured if they are damaged in any car accident.
Coles chief financial officer Tony Buffin said Coles Car Insurance offered customers a quality product at a great price.
“Our customers tell us that they expect Coles to deliver great value and quality products, and with the backing of Wesfarmers Insurance, we think we’ve created a unique and compelling car insurance product for Australians,” he said.
“Coles Insurance customers can build a tailored insurance product – by selecting the cover options that matter to them.
“We’ve designed our Coles Insurance website to suit the customer. Just six questions and 30 seconds of your time will show whether Coles Car Insurance can save you money and improve your cover,” Buffin added.