Iconic bookseller the Co-op Bookshop has defied the trend of the shrinking retail industry through the takeover of the Melbourne University and SPP Medical and Legal Bookshops.
Co-op has now secured a long-term licence to operate both bookshops under the Co-op brand. This latest addition takes the total to 43 bookshops.
“We are absolutely delighted to have a presence here at the Melbourne University and we look forward to the development of strong relationships with students and staff both on campus and beyond for many years to come,” says Co-op CEO Jane Caton.
Senior vice principal of Melbourne University, Ian Marshman, officially opened the Co-op Melbourne University Bookshop.
“We look forward to the Co-op carrying on the university's 84 year tradition of providing a specialist bookshop on campus,” he says. “We are proud to be associated with the Co-op Bookshop with its own 54 year association with the university sector and its long dedication to students, through its scholarships and sponsorship of student activities and programs.”
Caton adds this won’t be Co-op’s last acquisition.
“The addition of the Melbourne University bookshop and SPP Medical and Legal now adds to our existing presence at La Trobe University, Bundoora, Bendigo and Wodonga campuses.”