There is just a fortnight to go before Christmas, which means shoppers will be in full force, with the Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA) Christmas Retail Index predicting spending will reach $7.07 billion this week — the second biggest shopping week of the year.

This week Christmas spending will be $490 million up from last week.

ANRA CEO Margy Osmond said most Aussies will pack most of their Christmas shopping into the next two weeks as they accelerate Christmas preparations and secure those much wanted gifts.

“Bricks and mortar stores will experience a sizeable increase in sales at the till, with spending expected to hit $5.5bn – an increase of 32 per cent since last week,” she said.

“Domestic online retailers will have their biggest week of the year where sales will reach $1.55 billion – up 23 per cent on last week’s figure.

“Overseas online purchases will begin to peter off as the delivery deadline closes in and shoppers look for other alternatives to ensure they’ve crossed everyone off the Christmas shopping list.”

On average shoppers are expected to spend about $306 each on Christmas this week – just under one quarter of the $1280 Christmas budget per person.

On a state-by-state basis, New South Wales will be the biggest contributing state spending about $2.15 billion and the biggest surge will come from Queensland expected to hit $1.49 million – up $305 million on last week.

“Santa’s retail helpers will be working around the clock over the next fortnight in an effort to ensure all the Santa lists around the country are on track to be completed in time for December 25,” Osmond said.

“Millions of Aussies are expected to take advantage of extended trading hours as shopping really ramps up over the next 14 days.”