Endorsed by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) under its NoCO2 Certification Program, Chilli Promotions has calculated and offset all greenhouse gas emissions involved in the daily running of the business. This includes all elements of the production, manufacturing and freight of all promotional output via the purchase of carbon credits.
According to managing director Andy Galbally, Chilli Promotions is committed to be at the forefront of socially and ecologically responsible business practices.
“When we launched our ultimate biodegradable plastic bag last year, we were met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Customers want eco options and becoming carbon neutral was the logical next step for our business.
“We made the decision to introduce this change based on the facts presented to us by the CRI, who we met while showcasing at the Retail Expo in Sydney last year. Being carbon neutral gives us a significant point of difference in our market. Not only are all products 100 per cent carbon neutral, but Chilli Promotions as a business, including the day-to-day running of the office, is completely carbon neutral,” he said.
Chilli purchases carbon credits for the Karnataka Renewable Energy Project in India. The project generates renewable energy from the collection and clean burning of waste agricultural products, such as rice husks, purchased from local farmers. By preventing crops from rotting, methane emissions are avoided. The project also feeds electricity into the grid and replaces electricity generation from fossil fuels. The farmers are paid for their waste, providing a new source of income for the local community.
“Chilli Promotions and the CRI have chosen to support the Karnataka Project as it is a reputable and certified project. It brings many social benefits to the community in the way of employment for the local community and payment to the farmers,” said Galbally.
In total, the project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.