Chep Australia has this week launched a trial of mobile technology that will enable customers to transfer equipment accountability at the same time as merchandise passes through their receipt and dispatch docks.

The technology, designed to be used anywhere, anytime and on any device, helps Chep customers save time and labour when completing equipment hire transactions, something that happens most days in most businesses across Australia.

Rather than filling out manual dockets and entering them into a computer back at the office, customers will now be able to complete transfers live on Chep's customer portal from an Android, Windows or Apple mobile device.

Manufacturers and retailers testing Chep’s new mobile equipment transfer technology are hoping to experience increased efficiencies as they enter the Christmas peak season, with the trial running through to the end of November.

The mobile technology is the latest innovation from Chep Australia and follows the launch of Chep’s Logistics Control Centre in August.

Chep Australia’s Manager of Sales and Customer Data Tools, Aaron Minton, said: “This introduction of mobile technology is bringing equipment control into the 21st Century. As we lessen reliance on the traditional methods of data entry, we believe we will see a shift, not only in the processes of equipment control, but also the adherence to industry best practice.

“It saves time – there’s no more double-handling with manual dockets – and saves potential data entry errors.

“We’re pleased to be using technology to deliver greater flexibility and streamline the transfer process. Hopefully this will make life easier for our customers.

“While this is our first process to go mobile, we do have further enhancements to our existing functionality in the pipeline and we’re looking to be guided by our customers on what will provide the most value to them.”